Theory Paper & Presentation

Theory: Social Identity Theory

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Please utilize the following in writing your theory paper. All papers must adhere to APA format. 
1. State the theory
2. Why did you select the theory? 
3. Summarize the theory: describe the theory, key concepts, and assumptions. 
4. Theorist (name, gender, race, education background, social class, geographic location, etc.) How do you think the theorist background contributed to the development of the theory?
5. How does the theory address issues of race, class, gender, culture, sex, oppression, diversity, etc.? Can it be applied to the diversity that exists among North/South SD county and/or your geographic location?
6. How is the theory applicable to social work (intervention, prevention, specific issues)
7. What are the strengths and limitations of the theory? 
8. How does this theory address human development and behavior? 
9. Critical analysis of the theory – What is your critique of the theory and its applicability to social work (prevention, intervention, research, policy, etc.). Is the theory useful in addressing some specific social work related issues? 

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