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In this essay, you will end up writing a 1,200-1,400 word, thesis-driven essay or project on a topic that will benefit you in your future transfer college or career. You will research your major and/or future career. Research is geared toward genuine exploration and deeper understanding, and you will need to cite at least 3 sources in your essay. You are allowed to choose any of the rhetorical modes provided in CH 10 of Writing for Success, except the narrative. This includes illustration, description, classification, process analysis, definition, comparison and contrast, cause and event, and/or persuasion. You can use a mix of these as well.

Topic Selection

To select your topic, think about your major and your future career goals. If you are undecided, that is okay, you can select a major or career goal that is of potential interest to you to explore. If you are already working in your chosen profession or are looking to change industries, use this writing project to research possible promotions or the new role. If you are retired or taking courses for personal development, select a hobby, personal project, or volunteer area to research.

For this, we are going to look at your major and/or future career industry to identify the specific skills required for high performance that are associated with reading, researching, writing, public speaking, and communicating with others professionally via interview, email, phone, etc.

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