thesis of SSCI 316

1.      Visit 1 or 2 museums (earn 4 points per visit + write-up = 8 points maximum). Visit the Museum of Tolerance, Bowers Museum, Pacific Asia Museum, or other museums with events/exhibits related to race and ethnicity any time during the quarter. If you are unsure whether a particular museum qualifies, please have it approved by the professor prior to your visit by posting a message in the Blackboard Museum forum.

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You may also visit a Church, Synagogue, Mandir or a Buddhist Temple or a Mosque. Ideas will be posted on Blackboard. Turn in a typed summary of your experience (approximately 1 page) and include documentation of your visit (e.g., your entrance receipt – keep a copy for your own records). Each visit and typed summary counts for 4 points. Museum summaries can be turned in any time throughout the quarter but the LAST day to turn in the summary is just prior to the start of our final exam period on June 5.  


2.      Watch a film and submit a one-page review! Worth 4 points each up to a max of two films. Choose from:  Zoot Suit, Roma, Cesar Chavez, Walk Out, Bless Me Ultima, Real Women Have Curves, And The Earth Did Not Swallow Him, I Am Joaquin, A Class Apart, The Longoria Affair, Reel Injun, Stand and Deliver, End Of The Dialogue, Up South Africa: Mandela’s Children, The Price of Aid, A Lot Like You, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Color Purple, Beloved, Get Out, Mississippi Burning, Selma, American History X, The Believer, Babel, Schindler’s List, Crash, Higher Learning, The Debut, The Namesake, Catfish in Black Bean Sauce, Better Luck Tomorrow, Remember the Titans, Malcolm X, Hotel Rwanda, Black Klansman, The Black Power Mixtape…or one of your choices. Check with me FIRST for approval.(  I am going to get extra credit points by writing reviews for “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “Mississippi Burning” )

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