Think Tank

Just flick on your TV and you will see example after example of  critical thinking gone awry — subprime mortgage lending practices,  bankruptcies, the Gulf Oil spill. From time to time you will also see  heroic and competent activities like quick thinking airline pilot  “Sully” Sullenberger who avoided a fatal crash by skillfully landing a  disabled US Air jet in the Hudson River. Perhaps you watched the rescue  team who worked through a complicated set of problems over a two month  period to rescue 33 Chilean miners trapped 2000 feet underground.

While the news media focus on the big stories, the same issues play  out in every business many times a day. People make decisions. Some are  good decisions that move the business forward and increase profit.  Others are poor decisions that hurt the business and reduce profit. 

Prove critical thinking is a skill needed in the business world of today and tomorrow. 

Develop a 7-12 min. PowerPoint Presentation. 
Include the following in your examination: 

What is critical thinking and how can it improve “Return on Investment” in a business setting..
Critical thinking skills needed to be developed and why.
How to jumpstart critical thinking in a business setting. . 

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

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