Thinking Critically about Texts and Society

Thinking Critically about Texts and Society



Double-space or space-and-a-half your writing.

Write a brief essay of about 450 to 600 words for your answer – no more. There are no extra marks for longer answers. We mark for writing quality and showing good comprehension.This rule is strict: No use of the internet allowed.

Also no other books, research or other help allowed outside of the readings indicated in the questions. Use only those readings by Aufrecht and/or Broome from this unit mentioned in the questions.

Aim to be clear, precise, to-the-point, and use proper grammar. Writing quality and grammar are important criteria for the assignments in this Core unit.

Use the APA format to reference. Put in page numbers for any quotation you use. See the library page if you do not know how to do this – but just look above at the format – Author, initial (date). Title  Publisher

Please leave an extra half a page space on the bottom of your assignment – for our commentsWrite a short essay in response to.

Why would Broome agree that it would not be a good enough argument to say a local company is morally justified to pollute the atmosphere with emissions from coal burning as long as they give charity money to the local rural fire service to help combat bush fires in the area? (Week 12 reading)

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