Topic: Generative Conversation & Getting the Whole System into the Room

Topic: Generative Conversation & Getting the Whole System into the Room
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This is for my 3rd reflection essay based on a course titled “Agents of Social Change”.

You are able to pick one of three topics to write about. They are listed below

1: Explore a moment of cognitive dissonance in class and in your educational/professional career more generally. Reflect on how that limited your systems sight or capacity to engage with others. Consider your engagement with ABSI if possible

2: Describe an instance of stuck-ness in a complex problem that affects Calgary and interests you: how might systems sight, resilience/panarchy, empathy or a lab be a tool to support a “How might we…” process. Consider using your engagement with ABSI is possible

3: Design a plan to help make social innovation natural, normal and preferable to Albertans using ABSI as a partner. Who would you need to get in the room and what barriers might you face?

Pick whichever you can do that’s easiest!

The guidelines for this reflection is all in the file “Agents of Social Change – Fall 2020 Reflections Assignments” Please refer to it for the structure info, content info.

I will attach all the readings and slides of the course in the materials section. As it is said in the Guidelines document of this reflection, “Each reflection must reference at least three readings from Blackboard”. You will see that some of the content in the reflection is easier to understand by reading upon the slides as well!

I will upload a sample reflection as well. This is my 2nd reflection titled “SINV 3305 Reflection #2 – Prabal Ahuja”. Just so you have an idea of how it needs to be done!

Please use in-text citations! and it needs to be 3 pages of content (not including titbptle page and reference page). Thanks!

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