Topic: Healthcare: A gap in quality related to care coordination for individuals with chronic illnesses

A gap in quality related to care coordination for individuals with chronic illnesses
In your paper, you will explain why the chosen topic is a gap in healthcare and analyze the specific population impacted by the issue. Specifically, you should address the following and label as highlighted in BOLD in paper:
I. Introduction
A. Describe a specific gap in the delivery of healthcare. Include the specific population affected by the gap.
B. Briefly describe the history of this gap in access to healthcare. Has this been an issue historically, or is it a modern issue?
C. Explain the impact that the socioeconomic background of the population has on their access to healthcare.
D. Describe how the healthcare delivered to the population is affected by the gap in access.
E. Predict any potential implications if this gap in access is not addressed.
II. Existing Initiatives
A. Explain an existing healthcare initiative that was put in place to address this gap in access.
B. Explain the specific goals of the existing initiative in place to address this gap in access.
C. Describe the circumstances around the development of the existing initiative. Consider when it was developed and what factors were considered.
D. Describe the resources required to fund the existing initiative.
E. Explain why the existing initiative is not meeting its intended purpose and now requires improvement.
III. Regulation
A. Explain a current regulation regarding the existing initiative that has been identified and the context in which it was developed. Why is this regulation important?
B. Describe the regulatory level that the existing initiative is being addressed at. Consider the potential for multiple levels of regulation.
IV. Conclusion: Explain the effectiveness of the existing initiative and associated regulations in addressing this gap in the delivery of healthcare to the target population. Does the initiative align with initiative in place to support other gaps? Are there conflicting interests to be aware of?

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Guidelines for Submission: Your healthcare delivery systems research paper should be 6 to 8 pages and at least three sources cited in APA format.

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