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Speech Assignment
Speech Type: Extemporaneous
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to share ideas and information with the audience by fully describing and explaining the complete subject that is your topic. Through this speech, you will have the opportunity to “teach” us something. Therefore, this speech should inform the audience on your topic as if it were generally unknown to them, while developing its significance to them specifically, as well as society generally, and at a depth that we will find truly educational.

Organizational Pattern: Topical, Chronological, Spatial, or Causal (Cause-and-Effect)

Presentation Day: Students should be prepared to present on ___________________, anyone who is late will not be allowed to present. Students are required to wear business attire for this speech. (Gentlemen: suit or dress slacks and blazer, shirt and tie and dress shoes: Ladies: pant/skirt suit or dress and dress shoes). No student will be allowed to give their formal speech presentations in jeans, no exceptions. Students who are not properly dressed will not be allowed to give their presentations.

Specific Requirements
1. Must be delivered extemporaneously, with proper use of note cards. You are allowed to use 5 (4X6) cards 1 side only. Students who speak directly from note cards will receive a “0” for their speech. Delivery must demonstrate practice and preparation through excellence in eye contact, vocal variety, and gestures/movement. Must have a strong Introduction and Conclusion with all required elements of each.
2. Your time limit for this speech is 5 minutes. Students will be penalized if they fall under or over r the time period (every 30-seconds over or under the time window) this means you will need to practice your speech sufficiently to be sure of its length.
3. Speaking Outlines (Due immediately when giving your speech) which includes all critical elements completed, including headings: Specific Purpose, Central Idea, Organizational Pattern, and a Works Cited page at the end of the document. You must have a 2pg maximum typed speaking outline (1 inch margin, 12pt font, Times New Roman, single spaced, one side of paper).
4. Reinforce your ideas with supporting material. A minimum of three (3) outside sources is required. Each of these sources must be cited at least once in-text in the outline and orally during your speech. The Works Cited page should include a reference for each source cited (use MLA formatting for citations and Works Cited page).
Appropriate Reference Guidelines
Acceptable Sources:
1. Books (print or web)
2. Journal articles (print or web)
3. Magazines (print or web)
4. Newspapers (print or web)
5. Websites ending in .edu or .gov (check with me if you have a question about a site)
6. Interviews with transcripts provided
Unacceptable Sources:
1. Wikipedia, eHow,, etc. (not peer-reviewed or vetted by experts)
2. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
3. Blogs
4. Interviews without transcripts provided
5. Yourself from previous academic work

Remember, the purpose of this speech is to inform your audience on your topic, not to attempt to persuade them of what you believe. When your speech is over, your audience should feel that they received greater breadth and depth of information on the subject than they had before you spoke. You are expected to research your topic thoroughly and provide us with a thoughtful and interesting view of the topic you select. Fundamentally, you are to become the expert on your topic from our class, and teach us what you know and learned about it. This is a memorized speech.

Informative Outline Format
Topic (Your Subject Area)
Specific Purpose: (To inform this audience about…)

I. INTRODUCTION – (Actual speech starts with attention getter…)

A. Attention Getter – (Seriously, you need to get our attention.)
B. Topic – (This should match your topic sentence – see above)
C. Ethos & Audience Adaptation – (Tell us why you’re qualified to talk about this topic and why we should care about this topic)
D. Preview – (Tell us what your main points will be)
(Transition included in Preview)

II. BODY (3 Main Points)
A. Main Point [cites?]
(Transitions between each Main Point)
B. Main Point [cites?] (Transition)
C. Main Point
1. Subordinate points (need to be clearly shown as such by being below and inside Main Points) [cites?]
a. Like This!
b. Remember if you have an a you need b. 2. Subordinate point

MLA cites of all sources used as supporting material (minimum of 3)
– (Is a Transition, it tells us you’re “winding up)” – (Briefly review each of your main points)
(Remind us of your topic and let us know that you’re done!) REFERENCbptES CITED
A. Signal
B. Summary
C. Closing

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