Topic: The Republic Plato

Are you good because of your education, or in spite of it?

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This exercise will give you practice in summarizing and writing, and in integrating quotes and descriptions from the text with your own experience and views of the world.
Submissions should be 1400 – 1500 words (about 4 to 4 ½ pages). They must be doublespaced and use 12-point font. Our text may be referenced by inserting the page number in brackets after a quote. Other materials should be referenced properly, any way you desire.

No title page needed, BUT put your name, ID #, and section top of page 1.
Congratulations Golden One, your brilliance and talents—simply, the gold in your soul— have all definitely been noticed. You have been recruited to join the “true Guardians.” This report is your first task: we need your help to determine whether others can benefit from what you’ve been through, or whether we should rescue them from parts of it.
You will use specific parts of the Republic to assess the education that has helped you become the person that you are. You will also discuss implications of some elements of education for society as a whole. Note: education here refers not just to school but to all influences such as television, music, and other aspects of the culture you have absorbed. You must:
(a.) “Set up” your account by relating, in your own words (no quotes needed), how Plato comes to discuss education… for example, how the Guardians come to be;
(b.) provide a summary listing of the topics Plato addresses in his account of education;
(c.) for at least four of the topics, use highlighting quotes to report the essence of what he says, and relate to your own experiences and your views of society today; and,
(d.) use external sources in your explanation of at least two of the topics.
For Plato you must use our text; but “external sources” may be taken very broadly. TV programs, music lyrics, news items, statistics, blogs—most things are fine! What you are after are things that help you explain and illustrate the points you make about our world.
You will use the first person at times (e.g. “I”), to refer to your experiences and express your views, but you should also address some issues from a societal perspective

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