Topic:Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 353 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown


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Paper 4 asks you to evaluate what the author does really well or terribly wrong in her book. Based on your evaluation, would you or would you not recommend this book and why or why not. To answer the “why” question, include an evaluation (your analysis) of the book’s content, structure and language. Most Frequently Asked Questions about Text-Based Analytical Paper 4: 1) What do you mean analyze the content? Content simply means what’s inside, and here it refers to anything the book includes or is about. Devote at least one body paragraph to evaluating the book’s content. Look at the lists below and select (if you wish) any of the items to use in examples for this body paragraph. • overall message (Was it delivered effectively or not?) • author’s culturally-based beliefs • wisdom imparted (helpful or not?) • description of a generation (millennials vs. non-millennials) • definition of adulthood and “adulting” • the purpose of a “how to guide” and achievable objectives • self-help genre • target audience(s) • meta-commentary on young, American women or millennials in general 2) How am I supposed to talk about the book’s structure in my paper? How do I quote its structure? Structure refers to how the book is organized (arrangement of the content). It’s not possible for you to “quote the structure.” Instead you need to select a particular structural feature that author uses, describe and then analyze it. Look at the lists below and select (if you wish) any of the items to use as examples for this body paragraph. • arrangement of chapters • number of chapters • introduction, beginning, middle and end parts of the book • visuals, e.g. pictures, charts and bullet points • fonts, font sizes, numerical ordering 3) “I am having trouble understanding what you mean by ‘language’ because that sounds so vague to me.” Language is a broad topic and can include any of the following items below (and more), which you may choose to include as examples for this body paragraph, but most importantly be thinking about how Brown’s choice of words or phrases helps or hurts her book. • tone (attitudes expressed) • colloquialisms • the “f” word and other profanity • humor (what words or story-telling techniques make the book funny or annoying, for example?) • use of repetition • wordiness vs conciseness • author’s writing style and how her words achieve such a style

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