Topic:Toshiba Fraud & Auditing Failure


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Audit Case Requirements

1. Topic: Toshiba Fraud & Auditing Failure

2. Write a term paper between 8 and 10 pages long, double spaced.

3. The term paper should include and contain the following information:

a) Background of the company.

b) The facts of the audit failure.

I) What went wrong.

II) Who uncovered the audit failure and how?

III) Where were the auditors? What went wrong.

c) The consequences of the failure.

I) New auditing standards.

II) What was the effect on the profession, if anything?

d) Conclusion

4. For this case study, you are not permitted to copy and paste more than five consecutive words from other sources, including online sources or the work of others, including your classmates. In other words, use your own words and you will be fine. Please be warned that the Turnitin software you will use to submit your case with will catch these violations.

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