unit 5 assignments 1

Creating an ownership structure and history for your company is like creating the framework for a house. It provides the basic structure and foundation upon which to organize (i.e., part of the POLC model of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions of management) and build your company.

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MT499-5: Evaluate how economics, government, and law affect value creation in the global context.

Access LivePlan by PaloAlto software®

(Note: Some requirements for this assignment do not have specific areas in LivePlan to address them. Once you have completed the areas that appear in LivePlan, you can download LivePlan as a Word document and then insert the other checklist items required in the Word document before submission.)

Checklist: Access the “Company and Mission, etc.” located on the left navigation on the PLAN tab.

  • Complete the ownership structure and company history in LivePlan.
  • Evaluate how your selected legal ownership structure creates value for your business stakeholders based on those of the following that apply:

Consult the Unit 5 Lab assignment grading rubric from the spreadsheet downloaded in Units 1–3.

Download your Lab assignment in a Word document (not a PDF) and submit it to the Unit 5 Lab Dropbox.

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please complete unit lab week 5

week 5 Discussion

This week, you will construct a response to two (or more) of your fellow learners based on their Unit 4 Discussion Assignment essay. Your correspondence must meet the following criteria:

  • Evaluate the Discussion Assignment essay written by two of your fellow learners posted on the Unit 4 Discussion Board. Create a written response (250 word minimum) debating the facts related to leading and managing business strategy.
  • Identify the proâ€s of your fellow learnerâ€s assessment of the difference between leading and managing strategy.
  • Using a minimum of one peer-reviewed research resource in each answer response to build on the knowledge in your fellow learnerâ€s essay.
  • Identify the conâ€s of your fellow learnerâ€s assessment of leading or managing strategy.
  • Using a minimum of one peer-reviewed research resource, explain the strategy concepts your fellow learner might have missed covering the topics of leading or managing strategy in their essay.

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