US Space Program and Exploration

NASA initiatives are critical to finding solutions to environmental issues. Personally I think that adequate usage of space science will allow astrophysicists to explore the universe and promote conclusive research. Such studies will not only answer pertinent societal issues but will also lead to the advancement of the society. I believe that Space exploration is an Invaluable tool to the development of nature. On a personal point of view, space exploration adequate funding will assist in the advancing of cultures and societies. It is an issue that leads to individuals increasing heir Intent In the field of sciences and other fields.
Despite the Issue having disputes, space exploration continues to receive substantial support from politicians and other individuals in the community. The world of today indicates that development In the field of science and technology will Improve the livelihood of societies. America is reducing its spending to NASA, which has the endorsement of overseeing most of the exploration initiatives. This is not appropriate given that other countries are continuing Investigation and success will have the Intention of bettering the livelihood of their citizens.
I think space is currently at a critical level and the United States should strengthen its research initiatives. Space exploration has been leading studies of other planets and their behaviors. There is a statement that usually illicit mixed reaction in the community. There are individuals that state that it is essential to resolve issues of earth before the examination of other planets. There are different politicians that induce similar sentiments during their campaigns and political rallies. In 2006, news anchor Katie Court in commemoration of Sputnik. Said that NASA request for $17 billion was unbelievable.

According to her, this amount of money could find application In a myriad of activities right here on earth. Analyzing the situation she failed to realize that space exploration will protect the world from potential threats. I have a belief that studying the universe will provide solutions to potential pandemics facing earth. Such pandemics include climate change and solar flares. The current problem of space exploration is misunderstanding. Many individuals consider It as an extravagant way of spending American citizen tax money. Politicians recommend that funding to NASA should stop.
They propose that the government does transfer such funds towards societal projects such as health promotion. Before toys basis. My assessment is that the current problems stem from the fact that, during that period, development of airplanes for space exploration was for status. Nowadays, the reason leading to space exploration is to understand various phenomena occurring in the outer space and affecting the earth. Such explorations will assist in to an understanding of such aspects and develop relevant precautionary measures. In addition, it is possible to conduct exploration of Mars for the possibility f supporting human life.
Another problem that I foresee hindering the development of space exploration is reports by media houses. Many people do not oppose to space exploration, but it is due to their lack of adequate information. Media only reports once things go wrong with organizations supporting exploration of the outer space. The impression that people acquire from media is that there is no benefit culminating from space exploration but extravagant usage of taxpayers’ money. Once individuals generate a perception concerning a something it is difficult to convince such people otherwise.
It is difficult to pass the information that space exploration diverts resources of United States to initiatives that aim at solving earth problems. It is crucial for people to have the information that solutions to the current earth problems are in space so that they change their belief about space exploration. I think that solutions to these societal issues would require ensuring that citizens have adequate information that will allow them to make credible decisions. Many people believe that the government should divert NASA funding to societal programs.
Looking at the 2007 budget directing NASA funding into social funding would mean increasing the later to $ 1. 597 trillion from $ 1. 581. I think it would be naive to think that a 0. 6% increment would have any significant impacts on society. On the other hand, cutting social spending by 1% would increase NASA spending by double. This would increase explorations in space that would provide solutions to a number of problems currently facing the world. Information acquisition can assist citizens to understand that exploring the outer space is not a waste of tax payer’s money.
In addition, space program leads to the improvement of the society by providing amicable solutions. Politicians should also support the program if it will survive. Many politicians choose not to take part in the debate about exploration of the outer space. Interestingly, politicians continue to downplay the role of space exploration by indicating that it is worthless. Solving the current societal belief that US space program is not essential, space exploration require adequate support from politicians. Advocate of the program should also quit playing defensive and instead embrace their importance.
They should insist on the government that the space program require extra funding by having significant scientific research and conclusions. If space programs focus on solving societal problems, there will be a shift from many people dismissing the program to supporting it. Studying the outer space and basing their research on issues that will lead to solving issues is the solution. Studies should include activities such as reducing the effects of solar flares on communication or climate change will lead to its support. Space programs and explorations are indispensable to the society of today. It has and observe all planets.
This is through providing societies with adequate information regarding the outer space. In an example, research concerning Venus indicates that there is an alarming greenhouse effect. Currently, the world is grappling with the reality of deteriorating climate on earth. Studying the events leading to the current green house effects in Venus can assist in solving that problem. It would mean saving generations that would otherwise suffer if there is a lack of required information. If other countries explore and find such solutions it will mean that they will solve the problems of their country, which will advance such economies technologically.
Observations made on planet mars indicate that it lacks water. There is no single river in Mars, which means that there were occurrences that lead to the disappearance of water in this planet. Governments would suffer embarrassment in the event of extinction of the world due to lack of proper exploration measures. US space programs are vital to societies of the earth if it will lead to the realization of solutions to problems affecting the world. It is a vital societal issue that require cautionary approach. On a personal point of view, United State government should increase funding of space programs.
Failure to support this program will lead to its demise. Essential research will halt as a consequence of Space program failure. United States citizens will miss a pertinent opportunity to find solutions to their problems. I observe that space exploration program is crucial to the world of today. Discussions contained herein indicate that it lacks adequate information that leads to individuals’ hostility against the program. Many have a belief that it is wastage of taxpayers’ money. Research indicates that it is possible to solve certain societal issues using such programs.
It is search realization that led countries such as India, Russia, and China to advance their technologies in this field. Observations of Venus could result to solutions to green house effects and the climate change. Successful research of Mars could provide adequate information regarding its lack of water, which could be a future problem to earth. Such solutions are societal and would lead to the development of the society and communities of United States and the world at large. It is in accordance with this I believe that United States government should increase its spending on space exploration programs.

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