For this assignment, use “Vocaroo” and record a mock appraisal interview.
Now, fast forward and you have already been the Athletic Director at Hillside College for over a year now! Time flies when you are having fun! Remember the Marketing Director you were hiring in Week 5? Well, it is time to evaluate him/her and conduct an Appraisal Interview with this person.
Using your readings and the ‘Building Your Management Kills: How to Conduct the Appraisal Interview’ insert on pages 241-243 of your text, you will actually perform and record a sample Appraisal Interview with your marketing director.
First, decide which method of appraisal you want to utilize within your department. Next, develop the criteria you will use to evaluate this employee in this position. Then, generate actual appraisals of his/her performance during the year. Finally, make sure to end with an action plan specific to this marketing director for the upcoming year.
You can choose to be both the athletic director and the director of marketing in your voice recording or you can solicit assistance from someone else to be the employee in the voice exchange.
After recording the audio, copy and paste the link into your class cover sheet.
Length: 10 to15 minutes total voice recording

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