watch the stephanie kelton s lecture and answer questions

Watch the Stephanie Kelton’s lecture:

Then answer the following questions:

1. What is the typical political narrative about the national debt? Provide examples about the political narrative from the beginning of Stephanie Kelton’s lecture or from additional news research (provide links). What does Stephanie Kelton say about the debt?

2. What is the biggest mistake in our thinking about the debt according to Stephanie Kelton? Why is the government budget different from a household budget? Why is deficit spending different from household spending?

3. What are the 5 big questions and their answers? List each separately.

4. What did you learn about the image above from Kelton’s lecture?

5. What policies do you think are more important than the question of how we will pay for it? Think big. How should the U.S. be using our labor and natural resources? Pick at least two big social or political issues that you care about or that affect your family.

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