Week 9: Socio-Ecological Model Table

Week 9: Socio-Ecological Model Table

Week 9: Socio-Ecological Model Table

Level Factors for Population and Health Issue











In line with Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory, the degree of interaction occurring between an individual which, in this case is the child relative to his or her environment determines the prevalence of a particular health issue (MacDonald, Edwards, Davies, Marck & Guernsey, 2012). In this specific case, the risk of children in the US suffering from overweight and obesity is dependent on his immediate environment. These include geographical environment, socio economic factors, as well as socio-political factors.











Interpersonal factors that contribute the increase of overweight and obesity cases in the US stem mainly from interpersonal relations which result to poor dietary habits and by extension unhealthy lifestyles (Martínez-Alier & Muradian, 2015). A growing number of families are being raised by single parents which in most cases is a mother. Such a parent will normally have little or no time to spare to prepare nutritious home cooked meals for her children. What results here in is the mother relying on processed foods to cater for her children’s dietary needs. More so, poor child supervision in such families allows the child to have more freedom as to what he or she consumes further increasing the risk of being overweight and obese.


Population: Child Population in the US

Health Issue: Obesity and Overweight












Organizations employ a great number of parents within the US. In organizations where workers are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles, children of such staff also get to live healthy lifestyles such that obesity cases can be kept at a minimum (Ogden, Carroll, Kit and Flegal, 2012).









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