weekly project mini

we need to select a project and d all the four questions for now , list of topics to be choosen are below 

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Using in class resources and the Internet, research at up to ten topics for your research paper. List those in a word doc and upload via the portal for this weeks assignment.

Use MS Word and list your topic as a one page paper, upload your assignment.

For this week, choose several topics of your choosing for your Final Project, which will be due in week .  Acceptable topics include those I have listed and a few guidelines also.  I have uploaded this document in the Learning Materials for the Week Final Project.
Since this course is based on Network Security , I will require that the topic be limited to that.

Using MS Word, upload this weeks’ assignment with at least one possible topic of your choosing. Next week, we will have the Librarian in the class again to go over research techniques inside the online library.

For this assignment, you will be researching and selecting 15-20 resources for your final project.  Using the handouts from the librarian and internet sources from the library, note your resources on a Word Doc and submit your assignment.
This will not be a formatted bibliography, however next weeks’ assignment will be a full-blown annotated bibliography.

Using your sources that you submitted in week 4, construct, format and submit an Annotated Bibliography.  Use the resources in the Learning Materials for this assignment.

Using MS Word, submit a correctly formatted Annotated Bibliography, submit your assignment for grading.

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