weight convertor


The objective of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to review the material from IT-130 (or related) coursework since that is the starting point for this course. For those of you who have covered this material recently, the assignment should (hopefully) not present a tremendous challenge. If it has been a little while, or if you simply need a refresher, consider this assignment as your opportunity to get up to speed in preparation for the remainder of the class.

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In addition to the form and calculation itself, other key objectives that the grader will be carefully grading on involve the topics required on the assignment checklist. This checklist can be found on the main class web page under ‘Resources’. These include:

Paying attention to DETAIL. Things like using proper naming conventions, judicious use of whitespace, and so on.

Using ‘div’ sections and/or semantic tags.

Commenting your code in HTML

Creating and invoking JS functions

Using parseInt()/parseFloat()if necessary.

Using the getElementById() function

Review coding using an if/else statement

Assignment Checklist:

The purpose of the assignment checklist is not to make your life more difficult. Rather, it is there to help you keep track of the many ‘little†things that can be so easy to forget, important “good habits” to keep in mind, naming conventions, etc. So be sure and use it! It may seem like a lot, but after you do it a a few times, most of it will become second nature.

Again, the assignment checklist can be found on the main class webpage under ‘Resources’. Do not confuse this assignment checklist with your D2L checklists! You should be sure to refer to the assignment list before submitting your assignments.

The assignment: Currency Converter

You will create a form that allows the user to enter a weight in pounds. Then you will have a select box that offers conversions to either kilograms, tons, or stone (an somewhat dated British unit of weight).

1.Ask the user to enter an amount in pounds (in a textbox).

2.Have a select box with options for kilograms, tons, and stone.

3.If the user selects kilograms, calculate the conversion as 1 pound equals 0.453 kilograms. For tons, 1 pound = 0.0005 tons. For stone, 1 pound = 0.071 stone.

4.Because the user may enter a decimal amoung (e.g. 3.99), be sure to parse using the ‘parseFloat†option.

5.Using a reference: Look up the ‘toFixed()†function and make sure that your result is outputted to 2 decimal places.

6.Output to a semantic section, or to a div section called ‘resultsâ€. Output using the innerHTML command.


Have at least two div or semantic tag sections:

1.One containing a heading/title for your page and an image of some kind.

2.Another semantic section containing the main part of the page.

Be sure to use ‘getElementById()†to retrieve your values from the form.

Style all sections using classes. Have a minimum of 2 classes. Place the code for these as an embedded (aka internal) stylesheet. For now, do not use an external sheet. You do not have to get fancy with the styling, just show me that you know how to do it. One class for each section is sufficient. And just 1-2 styles for each class is fine too. Again, I just want to make sure you have reviewed how to do these. Of course, feel free to use more if you would like to.

Remember to use the assignment checklist. A major objective of this week’s assignment is to ensure that you pull all of those various small and somewhat nit-picky requirements together. In any programming course, even the smallest details can turn out to be very important, so be sure to get in to good habits early!

Assignment Submission:

Please ZIP (do not use RAR or TAR, 7ZIP, etc) all of your files and name the file using the following format:

Throughout the course, any accessory files that may be required by the assignment such as images, external CSS files, external JS files, etc should be included in your zip file.

If you do not know how to zip, please google/you-tube it or ask someone. Itâ€s not difficult, and is something everybody who works with computers should eventually learn how to do.

You do not have to upload your files to a web server.

Submit your zip file to the D2L dropbox (called ‘Submissions’) no later than the date specified on the checklist. D2L will allow you to turn it in up to 2 days late, but there will be a penalty of 3 points per day.

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