what is social justice

write your definition of social justice.
Here are a few ideas that you MIGHT want to address…Again, I don’t want you to write a paper the YOU think I want to hear.  Rather, I want this to be a product of your personal experiences, insights, and interpretations.  Reflect on this assignment before executing…That’s just one integral part of adult learning–critical reflection. (We use this in our field often).
Some questions to consider while researching and writing about your topic can be found below.  I am not expecting that you address every component of the question–just those which best support yout thesis–which is your definition of social justice.
I do require that in the first paragraph you provide us with your working definition of social justice.
Why is social justice controversial?
What are some of the causes?
What are some of the effects? 
Who does it affect? (who = social class, race/ethnicity, age range)
Is it happening over the U.S., or are there regions where it is more of (or less of) an issue?
What needs to happen for it to change? 
What is being done about it?  
What is NOT being done about it? 
Who (person, group or organization) might have the power to improve or fix it
If you are a bit unsure as to proper APA format, document your sources with http://www.easybib.com/

Use standard academic format (APA): Typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point Times Roman. 550 words (2  pages roughly), not including the bibliography. Don’t forget to give it a title.

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