What is the ‘Big Bang’ theory?

What is the ‘Big Bang’ theory?

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Technological advances and developments realized after the Second World War allowed for novel dating techniques to be applied towards more insights as to the true beginnings of the Universe. New chronometric methods enabled through radiometric dating techniques founded on the decay of radioactive materials historians and scholars from other disciplines to develop new perceptions on ideas as to the origins of the entire universe. Ancient cultures and religions provided man unproven  beliefs on how the world was born and how humanity came into being. In essence, the story of creation is wrapped in mystery and the complexity of the question how was the world born tends to be so complex in nature that explanations have to be sourced from different scholarly disciplines. This essay attempts to define and describe The Big Bang Theory which has been embraced by scientists and historians alike in attempting to offer explanations as to the origins of the universe. With reference to the book titled  “Big History: Between Nothing and Everything” by Christian (2013), the essay will look into the time lines and developments discussed in the first five chapters in this book


What is the Big Bang Theory?

The big ban cosmology (22) a new concept attempting to define how the universe came into being was accepted by scientists and scholars as technological advances enabled new ideas on the creation of the universe to be conceived. It offered a solution to the famous Olber paradox which sought to query whether the universe was infinite in terms of time and space. It also served to offer solutions to the limitations of the Newtonian Theory by presupposing that the rate at which the universe expands is fast enough to defy gravity such that contents of the universe cannot be conglomerated together. The Big Bag Theory thus enabled for a description on the universe by defining its creation and therefore suggesting a history such that cosmology tended towards becoming a historical science through a change and evolutionary process which has resulted into the state of the universe as we now it in the present day world.

The Big Bang Theory is a concept that proposes that the universe initially “began as an infinitely small entity which then expanded at a fast pace and still continues to expand today.” (23) the Bib Bang theory has in essence of its historical aspect been termed as being similar to other emergence myths which have been the basis for traditional myths on the creation of the Universe. Christian provides that the universe has undergone the same development as is commonly exhibited in mammalian conception. The Universe according to the Big Bang Theory started off as an embryo would and as such has gone through distinct phases of development and continues to do so to date and is expected to progress in the same manner in the future. The universe therefore has its own i

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