What questions should Anna Russell ask Jessica?

Read chapters 17 & 18, then read the following case and answer the questions followed.

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Anticipating Ethical Conflict

Jessica Garza has filled an entry-level sales position at Myers Equipment for about 18 months. Her performance has been exceptional. Anna Russell, the inside sales manager and Jessicas supervisor, knows that Jessica is ambitious, a hard worker, and a single mother of three, who is devoted to her children and gives all her off-hours attention to her family. Anna Russell knows that Jessica not only needs more money but also deserves a promotion. But the only job opening on the horizon is in outside sales in another unit, which Anna Russell does not supervise. If Anna Russell talked to the outside sales manager about Jessicas work, Jessica would probably get the job. That would be just. It would also make Jessica happy and help her to better provide for her family. That outside sales slot normally is filled by a more experienced salesperson, although Anna Russell thinks Jessica would grow into the job. However, Anna Russell has other concerns.
For one, the new job would put Jessica in with a group of other experienced and extremely competitive salespeople. Anna Russell believes that unit is productive but not well supervised, and she has heard rumors that some outside salespeople use dubious methods to meet their goals. There reportedly have been complaints from customers to the company about the outside sales crew, but nothing has been done because the outside sales force is highly regarded by upper management because of its sales volume. Anna Russell feels that Jessica, who is young and somewhat naive, would find her peers there to be poor role models with questionable ethics. In turn, Jessicas ethics might be affected. Anna Russell also fears Jessica would feel intense pressure because of the highly competitive nature of outside sales. Sales goals there are high, and so is the peer pressure as well as management pressure to do whatever it takes to meet those goals.

Jessica has been ethical in all her actions so far. But Anna Russell is worried that in any major conflicts in the new job, Jessica may be tempted to act unethically because of what she observes in her colleagues, the pressure to produce, and the needs of her family. Jessica, for her part, does not yet know about the opening in outside sales. She knows only that she deserves a break and desperately needs more money. When Anna Russell summons Jessica to her office to talk about this promotion possibility, Jessica hopes that her big chance has come at last.


1. What questions should Anna Russell ask Jessica?

2. What questions should Jessica ask Anna Russell?

3. What safeguards could Anna Russell insist on to protect Jessica from acting unethically?

4. Does Anna Russell have any options besides promoting Jessica to outside sales or not?

Pictures of Chapter 17 & 18 are attached.
please answer as: 1. …… 2. ……. 3. …….

Please don’t use any outside sources.
Pictures of the chapters are included.
1-2 pages

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