Where can you use these data in your present career?

DQ 1: There are two broad areas of statistics: inferential and descriptive. In inferential statistics, we use analytical methods to derive meaning from our data. In descriptive statistics, we study effective ways to describe the data. Charts and graphs are very important in descriptive statistics.Compare the graphs in Figures 2-6, 2-7, and 2-10 in the text. What does each graph communicate? How effective is each graph in communicating this information? How would you choose the kind of graph to use for a specific project? Give an example.DQ 2: Where can you use these data in your present career? In case that you are not going to use descriptive statistics for a month over a specified time/years. You will be then asked to use the 12 months of the year. What is your expected variance and standard deviation? Explain.

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