Why Basketball is the Best Sport?

Why Basketball is the Best Sport?

To consider a particular sport as the best is subjective in numerous aspects. In this paper, basketball as discussed is the best sport based on its inherent facets making it the most enjoyable irrespective of an athlete’s strongpoints in comparison to any other sport.

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There are a number of reasons where another’s opinion of basketball not being the best sport is wrong. These preference-based opinions probably stem from a failure to gain sufficient on the field analysis and information on the dynamism exhibited by different players ever since 1891 (Grundy, Nelson and Dyreson, 136). The game morphed from an offseason football-training trend where players warmed up for practice passing peach balls with no dribbling whatsoever to one which demands a perfect combination of raw physical traits. These include strength, agility, height, speed, power as well as individual skills in passing, dribbling and shooting.

Basketball as a game implores the application of raw power and visceral strength like in scoring, protecting and rebounding in the paint while also involving pure finesse and developed skills (Grundy, Nelson and Dyreson, 141). Intricate ball passing, jump shooting and handling take dedicated time as well as personal dedication to acquire. Indeed, basketball as a sport manifests a vast array of body contact instances and physicality in all known aspects such that is allows players with distinct attributes to excel in different aspects of the game.

Looking at some of the all-time athletes ever to grace basketball courts it becomes all too clear why basket

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