Why Do Angels Exist

Why Do Angels Exist

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Christian testimonies and teachings compel believers to embrace a world perception encompassed by spiritual but finite beings. These finite beings are generally referred to as angels and are believed to intermingle regularly with humanity (Adewum, 2015). The philosophical reflection of these finite beings or angels is known as angelology (Sheldrake & Fox, 2014). Some people relate angels with spiritual manifestations that act as God’s messengers while others also consider fallen angels or devils as angels (Jeremiah, 2013). To others, especially Christian faithful only relate angels with spiritual entities that are heavenly in nature (Macy, 2015). This paper seeks to address the age-old query, why do angels exist.

Why Do Angels Exist?

The term angel is believed to have originated from the Greek term ‘anglos’ which translates to mean, ‘messenger,’ in the Hebrew language (Morgan, 2014). When disasters occur naturally or due to some purported human error, some individuals often report or witness some inexplicable events unfold which are not only good but also unexpected (Utriainen, 2014). As much as no angels are physically witnesse

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