Why do many students find Math challenging?

Why do many students find Math challenging?


Mathematics is one subject which when mentioned among a group of learners often results in a negative discussion concerning how difficult it is for many students. From an early age, children are exposed to processes that involve a lot of counting. By the time they are in kindergarten, they make good attempts to display their numbering skills up until it becomes a formal subject for which they are regularly tested (Clements & Sarama, 2014). From then onwards, mathematics stops being a naturally expressible subject to one that is perceived as ultimately difficult. Gaining an understanding of why math is considered difficult is necessary towards evaluating my own perceptions on the subject with the aim of transforming into a good mathematics student.

Why students Find Mathematics Challenging

It is impossible to trace why students consider math as a difficult subject to a single reason. There are some concepts which are rather straightforward while some appear too complex to even begin attempting to be good at them. For instance, learning Linear Functions, Slope, and Applications in our coursework was a moment that I felt good about studying college math (Beecher, Peena, & Bittinger, 2012). However, Chapter 2.2 which discusses The Algebra of Functions was one that was not readily understood and easily done (Beecher, Peena, & Bittinger, 2012). The latter required more exertion of energy and time to perform well.

There is a society wide stigma associated with learning mathematics. The outcome is students being deceived by different sections of the society that it is difficult to comprehensive learn mathematics and to put into real life use. For instance, some people come from families where parents do not work in jobs that require the use of college level mathematics. In other cases, it is common to find that some fathers and mothers simply failed in their high school mathematics tests and exams. They therefore have the impression that one can do without mathematics in life. After being blessed with children, such parentages create environments for children where the subject is either neglected or relegated to the background. Conversely, there are learners who from their tender years are in the company and tutorage of eith

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