Why technology is Bad for us

I wrote an essay about how I felt about technology now I have to write a RESEARCH paper about it. I uploaded my previous essay so you can have a reference for what im talking about but below are the direction for how the essay should be done

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Using your Position/Persuasive/Argumentative, write a 1200+ word, 5+ page (not including works cited or pictures) documented essay poses an interesting and significant problem , respond to the problem with contestable, uses sources purposefully and ethically. Make sure you are just writing a report about the subject it has to be an argument about that subject. A minimum of 3 different sources
final checklist
-do the works cited have at least three entries
-do each of your WC entries have the corresponding parenthetical documentation
-is your thesis clearly stated in the introduction
-is the essay in MLA format
-have you checked for contradictions?
-do you use evidence derived from valid sourcee

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