Wine Tourism Essay

Wine Tourism


Food consumption is considered as an outcome of varying contextual social norms which are relentlessly evolving. Globalisation has led to significant and irreversible changes in human society such as the manner of it obligatory purpose and social class determinant. Firstly, this essay seeks to begin with a discussion of homogenisation and heterogenisation as aspects of globalisation relative to the consumption of food and wine. Secondly, a critical discussion on the history of wine production in old and new worlds as well as its rise as a significant gastronomic product will be presented. Lastly, the paper will explain the development of wine tourism in the contemporary society.


Globalisation has indeed led to far reaching cultural repercussions. The main concern being whether it translates to universal cultural conformity or it allows for cultural diversity and particularism. Globalisation has led to situations where cultures have been irreversibly transformed through upward income mobility, urbanisation and market liberalisation. Developed countries have enabled for such trends via foreign direct investments especially in liberalised economies allowing for significant alterations in contemporary food consumption ideals and food systems. Large organizations like McDonalds have invested heavily in the international food supply market leading to standardised food consumption trends. Therefore, globalization has homogenised food consumption


There are scholars pointing out that globalisation does not translate to the homogenisation of human societies and cultures but has rather resulted in heterogeneity. Heterogeneity in construed to imply network arrangements determined by deep rooted cultural dimensions. As such, human cultures tend to continuously experience reinventions and transformations buoyed by forces as well as factors associated with globalisation. Human cultures will more often than not progress i

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