Wireless Networking

Write a tutorial paper of between 3000 and 4000 words on a topic that either
extends what presented in the lecture course or on a topic that is within the scope of
wireless communications and networks but not covered in the lecture course (feel
free to check with me if you are unsure about your topic).
Based on the topic you have selected, in the evaluation section of the paper you
need to provide some simple simulation results and analysis using any of the Matlab
/ NS2 or 3 or Packet Tracer or other related simulators, open source or proprietary.
Your selection should be unique to you by using the arithmetic part of your KU
number for setting up your simulations, e.g. fundamental frequency or distance.
Furthermore, it should include the following steps:
– provide a scenario, e.g. rural environment.
– design the network, e.g. give number of application servers, base stations, routers
and end users.
– evaluate the performance of the selected algorithm or protocol, e.g. scheduler,
mobility management protocol, resource management algorithms etc, in terms of
throughput, delay, jitter or any other evaluation metric/statistic you feel is relevant
to your design and scenario.
– build a system/network analysis based on these simulation results and finally
– provide recommendations and comments on your results.
The paper should be presented in a form suitable for professional journal publication
with two columns of 12 point text with headings of 14 bold point text and should be
consistent with the following guidelines.
Title of Paper in 16 bold point characters
Name of author
Section headings

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