Write 150 word response to questions below in a paragraph form. Need to cite and reference to support answer. 

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Is there any particular age group that this approach would work best with or do you think it could be used with anyone? Which type of client do you think it might work best with and why? 

Reason these question were asked: 
Teddy bear approach proves to be the most effective when handling clients with behavioral issues. This concept relies on team work. That is the client is involved in the intervention process, and this is one of its strength. The client feels free to communicate and interact with the helper. The approach is accommodating. Helping an individual with behavior problem requires the approach used to be accommodating enough (Strategies for Effective Helping, 2015). This ensures the client feels comfortable at all time. The effectiveness of the approach is derived from its ability to help address issues directly and more quickly. The helper takes an active role and is driven by the desire to maintain a stable environment for intervention process to be smooth. During my internship as a psychiatrist, I handled a client who was very violent. He always over reacted in most situation. Keeping him close and applying the techniques in the teddy bear approach, he managed to overcome his anger and gain self-control.


Strategies for Effective Helping. (2015). Retrieved September 04, 2017, from

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