worksheet 1 four works of art 2

Worksheet 1: Four Works of Art

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Purpose: An introduction to visual art from a subjective standpoint. This worksheet engages critical thinking about what you like and dislike and to explain your choices in writing.

Process: Using the external links located below and in module one in the Write About It section, find four artworks, one for each category below. You can choose an artwork from any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, photography, installation).


  1. A work that you like and think is good.
  2. A work that you donâ€t like and donâ€t think is good.
  3. A work that you like, but suspect might not be good.
  4. A work that you donâ€t like but have to admit is good.

Explain your choices in a Word document. Be specific – why exactly did you place your selections in their particular categories? A short paragraph for each of your choices is enough.

If the information is available, cite each work with the artist’s name, title of the work, date, medium and location, plus a link to the site where you found it.

Include your images in the order listed above and cite the source where you found each image.

Upload the completed document to the drop box created for it in module 1 in Canvas. Itâ€s in the “Write About It” section.

Criteria: Grading for this worksheet is determined by the following criteria:

Did you make four selections?

Are your selections in the correct order?

Do you stay away from vague, generalized statements?

Are your explanations clearly explained?

Do you mention specific attributes found in each selected image to help in your explanations?

Do you include a citation for each of your selections?

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