World War II

The core cause to the deadlock in disputes. Going back in time to World War II, where the dispute started. It would also include the United States in the paper as a third party to stand out of the dispute but also have a certain impact on the dispute between Russia and Japan over the Kurile Islands. The dilemma of both Japan and Russia in their bilateral approach to their territorial disputes over the northern territories, the Kurile Islands. How this dilemma affect the security in the region. What is the dilemma of the United States in this dispute between Russia and Japan? How this dispute affect the position of the United States in the region? Case study method or whatever suitable for this research paper

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  1. Introduction

Identify the research problem or research topic; state it briefly in one or two sentences.

Expand the problem explaining:

–Introduction of the problem

–Historical data, current issues, and increases in demand

–The need for research on the problem

–Your theory to solve the problem (briefly)

–Your hypotheses based on your theory (briefly)

–The implications of the solved problem (briefly, or discuss it in the conclusion)

Research objectives

–What is this research to accomplish?

–Your contribution

  1. Literature Review

Review other research of the same/similar topic

Are there similar studies of the problem?

How does the literature define the problem or hypotheses and its variables?

What are the findings of similar studies?

Connect your research problem (topic) with existing literature

Discuss the problem of your research in detail in line with literature review.

How does the problem differ from other research or studies?

How do other theories connect to your research topic?

State hypotheses

Identify your research hypotheses.

Explain how the hypotheses relate to the research question.

What is your expectation for the results?

  1. Methodology

Research design

Which research design are you using?

Which type of quantitative or qualitative design?

Do you use case study or case comparison? Why? How to select cases?

Conceptualize and operationalize your research variables

Define and clarify every variable/term in the question.

How do you conceptualize the research variables/terms?

Operationalize every variable/term with specific working operational definitions.

Clarify how the working definitions relate to or differ from other studies and existing theories.

Sampling (If you use primary data)

Specify population, sampling frame, sample size, and unit of analysis

Which sampling method do you use?

Why did you select that particular design?

What are the possible biases and errors in the sampling design?

Data instrument

What type data your will use? Why?

If you will use primary data, how do you collect the data?

If you use survey to collect data, explain it in detail (e.g. how are the questions selected or developed? What method will you use to delivery the survey?)

If you use survey, please attach your survey questions as an appendix (see VII Appendix)

If the data are from other existing survey, identify source. Explain how you will use the data.

If you will use secondary data, identify source. Explain how you will use the data.

Collection of the data and descriptive analysis (If you use primary data)

Specify the data gathering method

What type of measurement will you use?

How is the data coded?

Describe the preliminary findings through descriptive analysis using appropriate diagrams, charts, graphs, tables, descriptions, historical narratives, etc.

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