Write several behavioral objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

I had another tutor complete this paper and did not follow through with the edits for this assignment and I need someone to fix it ASAP. Please read the instructions for this paper below:
This week you will submit your instructional unit, which
should include three lesson plans: one focused on patient education, one on
family education, and one on staff development. Remember, your plans should
demonstrate a logical approach to teaching, communicate what is to be taught
and how, and outline how objectives are to be evaluated. Click here for a
refresher on what each final lesson should include.
Building on the work that you started in Week 2, for all
three groups of learners:
•Write several broad instructional goals for the educational
•Write several behavioral objectives based on Bloom’s
•Describe the lesson content.
•Provide a sequence for teaching activities.
•Describe instructional methods.
•Indicate time allotted for each activity.
•Identify and describe the instructional resources
(materials, tools, etc.) and technology to be used.
•Describe how the learning will be evaluated.
On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA
Submit your response in a 6- to 7-page paper
Here is the feedback from my instructor on what needs to be fixed:
Please redo the objectives
– you need to identify which ones are cognitive, affective and
psychomotor domains. Also you need to have objectives for EACH learner.
The learners consist of adolescent, young adult and older females on various aspects on early
detection of breast cancer.I have attached the original paper that the tutor completed ( that needs to be edited), as well as the first paper that I completed.If you don’t understand what is required for this assignment then DON”T BID AND WASTE MY TIME. If you have any other questions please ask me. I need this completed in less than 3 hours so that I can submit it to my instructor. IF IT GETS RETURNED AGAIN, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FIXING IT or I WILL NOT PAY YOU AT ALL!!!!The one that needs edits to it is named Learning, Sharing, Living Lesson Plan. The other document below is to help assist you with what needs to be incorporated into this edited paper.



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