write stories of cultural publication.

Question 1
A proof reader is required to have some skills on top of the college or their respect college and university degree. Proof reading job requires making corrections on different materials that cut across many subjects.it could be proof reading of languages like English German or sometimes blogs and other articles. A proof reader is expected to have sharp reading skills and standing grammar. In addition he should also have wide knowledge of various contemporary issues.
A nurse may in the general terms required to have the best knowledge of the medicine and the variety of the diseases since many of his her/her operations are nursing only. Many employers in recent years have found is essential to have nurses who have a clear understanding of the medicines they administer. Further clear communication has been in recent years considered to a very vital requirement.
The job landscaping may in many instances require that the applicant should have a massive knowledge on different soil types. The requirement of having a clear comprehension of directions and other relevant forms of geographical skills cannot be avoided.
A computer programmer is at any moment expected to have competent skills concerning the computer and other related areas of computer programmes. It is a requirement for him/her to understand different soft wares of computer and the threats a computer may get under different environments.
A teacher is a very important post in every society. Communication skills are very important for a teacher since much of the time is spend in passing message from the teacher to the students. A strong character is required for a teacher since students will always take a teacher as a role model.
An insurance sales representative is expected to be selling insurance policies. It is very vital for an Insurance sales person to have an understanding of different insurance policies and how to interpret them. He/she should also understand different regulations concerning insurance.
Question 2.
I have worked on a cruise ship guest relations giving directions and answering questions also helped in arranging tournaments.
I have consulted clients about preferences planted shrubs mulched borders fertilizer pruning landscape design and environmental/ecological concerns.
I have participated in tour guides through museums headed tour guides and knowledge about the history of significant aircrafts.
Question 3.
I have been responsible for arranging flowers taking orders delivering flowers and charging accounts.
I have handled customer complaints additional charges returns and credits.
I have been in charge of customer service womens clothes and childrens clothes.
Question 4.
I would appreciate to work in a challenging company. An objective should be showing connection between what the company goals are. The above objective does not show the company objectives.
I would use my computer skills to develop software that will entertain children as to further the companys objective.
I would like to use my potential as a manager to develop the engineering firm.
I would like to write stories of cultural publication.
Question 5.For surfing the person can list a job of freelancer.
Surfing the Internet-such a person can list that hobby in an advertising job.
Playing golf such a person can list that hobby in a job of a coach.
A photographer can list that hobby in a tour guide job.
A person who hikes can also be a good tour guide.
A gourmet cook can list that in a chef job.
A bungee jumper can list that in a coach job.
A hobby of reading can be listed in a teaching job.


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