Writing Assignment: With All Deliberate Speed by Liva Baker
This article may be found by using the link above, the link attached to the assignment in Blackboard, or by using LibSearch–the search engine for our library. (Note: if the link above doesn’t work, simply go to the UHD Library home page. In the LibSearch box, make sure that keyword is displaying in the dropdown to the left. In the open box, type in “With All Deliberate Speed” AND Liva Baker 
You must type this in EXACTLY this way–include quotes, the word “and” must be in all caps, etc.
Baker’s article may also be found by simply googling the title.

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Students will briefly summarize the reading (at least 3 paragraphs, please no more than 2 1/2 pages). Use 12 point font and double space. No references are necessary. Follow standard margins. With each summary, also answer the following questions:

a)How did this reading inform your knowledge of American history/what did you learn that you didn’t know before? How does the reading reflect the information gleaned from other readings for the class (the book, other supplemental readings)?

b)If applicable: How did this reading inform your knowledge of class/gender/race, etc. in American history?

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