writing summaries of technical tools using proper citation methods.

Prepare written summaries of the technical features for four (4) online conferencing tools used in workplaces:
    Microsoft Teams
    Google Meet
    one other of your choice
Properly cite all found sources.
1 – Summaries for each (2 – 4 pages total, including illustrations)
2 – At least 1 table and 2 figures
3 – Reference page using IEEE format (format attached)

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1 – Is this a .ppt or word document?
Prepare as a word document, in portrait mode, and submit as a PDF
2 – What size font and how much spacing should I use?
Use a 12 point serif font (e.g. Times New Roman) for the body text. Make paragraphs single-spaced with double spaces between them. Choose headings and layouts based on CRAP principles applied to documents. 
3 – Should the summaries be written in paragraphs or bullet points?
Either full paragraphs or paragraphs that contain bullet points for certain items. If using bullet points, consider how they differ from points in the table. Remember this document needs to stand on its own without further explanation.

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